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Explore Odense

Photo:Johan Joensen&Johan Joensen
Home of H.C. Andersen

Why choose Odense?

There are many lovely places in Denmark, so why should you go to Odense? And bring your family, boyfriend or friends? If you ask us, the answer is obvious :)

- because Odense is big city fun with manageable distances, because we have the largest concentration of recognized museums outside the capital area, because we are Denmark's greenest big city, because we host fun and impressive events all year round, because we are in the process of reinventing the city center with beautiful hang-outs, a light rail and super bike path - and because Odense is H.C. Andersen's hometown.

The best tips for your holiday

Whether you are visiting Odense for the first time or for the 20th time, here are the locals' tips for what to see and experience in Odense. We have something for families with children, couples on dates, art lovers and all the others - Odense is for everyone.

Find out what we are up to: