Kakao og glögg hos Fleurí
Hans Christian Andersen's hometown

Explore Odense

Why choose Odense?

There are many lovely places in Denmark, so why should you go to Odense? And bring your family, boyfriend or friends? If you ask us, the answer is obvious :)

- because Odense is big city fun with manageable distances, because we have the largest concentration of recognized museums outside the capital area, because we are Denmark's greenest big city, because we host fun and impressive events all year round, because we are in the process of reinventing the city center with beautiful hang-outs, a light rail and super bike path - and because Odense is H.C. Andersen's hometown.

The best tips for your holiday

Whether you are visiting Odense for the first time or for the 20th time, here are the locals' tips for what to see and experience in Odense. We have something for families with children, couples on dates, art lovers and all the others - Odense is for everyone.

Odense is for everybody

Odense has something to offer for everyone - and we mean it. Whether you are into role-playing and fantasy, international art, gourmet food, cycling, classical concerts, Denmark's history, H.C. Andersen, sustainability, architecture, music festivals or outdoor life and hiking, we can deliv...

The cozy local vibe

Discover Odense as the locals do, from their favorite eateries and coffee shops, their favorite weekend spots, to what they do when it rains and more. Here you can find tips and tricks from the locals for a trip to Denmark's green metropolis, Odense.

Hans Christian Andersen's Hometown

Get to know Odense's most famous son, Hans Christian Andersen. The multi artist Andersen impressed with fairy tales, plays, biographies, travel accoun...

Vibrant gastro scene

The local restaurant scene has gone through an interesting development over the past 3-5 years.

Feel the Presence of History in Odense

Odense is one of Denmark's oldest cities and you can feel the presence of history everywhere.

The Funen Experience

Fyn is affectionately known as Denmark's garden and it is green and lush as few other regions in DK

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Visit Odense all year round!

Whether you are into summer, sun and outdoor life or winter fun and museum visits, you can find tips for your favorite season here.

Spring in Odense

The trees' buds burst, the sun comes out, every day is a little bit brighter and and beautiful

Tips for spending the Summer in Odense

Summer in Odense equals lots of festivals, hanging out in the parks and good food

Autumn in Odense

Autumn is a beautiful season in Odense with all the parks and gardens in their fall best. Come see

Winter in Odense

Enjoy a winter break in Odense with lots of family friendly activities and events.

What are you looking for?

What do you know Odense for? Did you know that we have a very ambitious sustainability strategy? Or that we have nearly 3 meters bicycle path per citizen? Perhaps you have heard that we killed the last Danish Viking king, in a church no less?

Weekend getaway

Go on an extended weekend in Odense and experience an urban atmosphere combined with historical charm. The historic district, the cozy harbor, the green parks and the Brandts industrial area with its cafés and artisans are all part of Odense's identity.

Active Holiday

Are you looking for a bicycle holiday,golf holiday, holiday on the water or something else entirely?

Odense as a sustainable city

Sustainability is an integral part of the Danish mindset.


If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to here, you are of course very welcome to send us an email at otb@visitodense.com - and we w...

Free Activities

Odense offers lots of activities - even if your budget is a bit of a challenge.