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1-day visit to Odense

Photo: Johan Joensen

Just saying - you can't see the whole of Odense in one day. But sometimes you have to make do when you only have time for a one-day trip :)
Here you get our tips on how to make the most of the time you have, whether you are into art, architectur, green areas, cobblestones and/or culture. 

Lots of big and small experiences await you in Odense, and you can pack in several on a day trip. One of the advantages of Odense is that the distances between attractions and restaurants in the city centre are short, so there is ample opportunity to get around to several places in one day, and most of it you can reach on foot or with a short bike ride.

Funen’s capital has a bit of it all. Beautiful nature, unique attractions and lots of charming eateries - whether you want to go to a restaurant in the evening or enjoy a relaxed lunch, Odense has some of the most delicious gastronomic experiences.

Inspiration for return visits to Odense

Relaxing in the park


Summer in Odense equals lazy days in the city's parks, lots of festivals with music and culture, a good cup of coffee, open air concerts and much more.

Two girls taking a break from shopping


With one of Denmark's longest high streets you can find almost anything you are looking for - old or new, bargain or exclusive.

Couple sitting by the river behind tree


Discover Odense as the locals do, from their favorite eateries and coffee shops, their favorite weekend spots, to what they do when it rains and more.

Outdoor lunch at Grønttorvet


Delicious new restaurants pop up everywhere and the locals dine out like never before - the range and level of offers is impressive.

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