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In 2021, the biggest new attraction in Odense in many years opened - the new Hans Christian Andersen House. Designed by renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the museum consists of both indoor and outdoor spaces totalling 12,600 m2.

Two-thirds of the museum is located underground and is surrounded by a fairytale garden, which in the summer months is filled with colourful flowers and small, unique green environments.

Andersen and Odense

Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense in 1805 and his fairy tales are arguably Denmark's greatest contribution to world culture. Despite the fact that the stories were written many years ago, they are still well-loved and inspire imagination, contemplation and inspiration in children and adults around the world.

World-famous poet - world-famous museum
In 2023, the New York Times listed Odense as one of the 52 places in the world that tourists should visit, and the new museum is one of the main reasons for the great publicity for Odense.

“H.C. Andersen's House does not talk about H.C. Andersen - it speaks as H.C. Andersen” Henrik Lübker - H.C. Andersen's House

Explore Andersen's Odense

His childhood came to play a major role for the poet, and many of his fairy tales are based on childhood experiences. It is therefore natural that Odense has a special obligation to take care of the legacy and dissemination of Hans Christian Andersen's life and work and the culture that surrounded it. Andersen's life and work and the culture that formed the framework for it.

Discover Odense and walk in the footsteps of the world-famous poet. At the same time, you can experience the vibrant metropolis that Odense has become, and if you haven't visited recently, you might be surprised at how much of a transformation the city centre has undergone.

H.C. Andersen's House - a world you think you know

Now his fantastic stories also form the foundation for a completely new type of museum that spatializes the experience of Andersen's literary universe and stages a living world, a total artistic space where architecture, sound, light and a stream of images constantly create new encounters between the visitors and Andersen's adventures. As a museum and attraction, H.C. Andersen's House cultivates the wonder, the imagination and the adventures that evoke reflection and create new perspectives on ourselves, nature and society. The communication at the museum is thus not just about Andersen, but to a large extent like Andersen and his literary universe.

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A visit to the new museum will contain more questions than answers: About Andersen's romanticized childhood, about his unrequited love life, about constantly being on the move in an attempt to find his place in life, stick out, get away, find a home.

The fairy tales are familiar but do not behave quite as we remember them when the visitors themselves have to live them out: When it is their own shadow that begins to live its own life, when they are the Emperor in the Emperor's New Clothes, or when they must find the courage to open the doors to the dogs in the Tinderbox.

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These are the questions we are often asked in regards to the new Hans Christian Andersen House & Museum.

Yes, you definitely should. Click here and book your ticket for the date and time slot you are interested in. Any unbooked tickets will be sold at the museum, but some days will be sold out in advance.

The museum does not offer guided tours of the museum. You can book a 30 minute introduction to the museum - it costs DKK 650,00 - maximum group size 30 persons. After the introduction guests can visit the museum on their own with the included audio guide.

The new museum has a maximum of 250 guests at a time.

The museum proper covers 5600 m2 - two thirds of which is under ground. The garden covers 7000 m2 and the total museum area covers 9000 m2.

H.C. Andersens Hus
H.C. Andersen Haven 1
5000 Odense C

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A big part of the experience at the new museum comes from the audio track in your headset, that guides you around the museum.

How old do you have to be to use the headset?
The manufacturer and the museum recommends the headset for children from 7 and up. When you book your tickets you have the option to book tickets for children under the age of 7 - this means that you don't book a headset for your child.

Loss of hearing
You can also use the headset if you use a hearing aid

Which languages?
You can choose to listen in Danish, English and Chinese. The language variations are not exactly identical. If you understand more than one of the available options, you can choose another language for your next visit and get a slightly different experience.

P-15 in Odense P is the closest option. You can enter the museum area directly from the parking garage via exit P15.

Tourist bus parking

  • Short-term parking in the city center (eg in Sortebrødrestræde) is for unloading / loading of tourists.
  • Long-term parking must take place on the stretch between Havnegade 106 and Havnegade 110.


The museum has to push-chairs you can borrow. It is not possible to enter with your own stroller, push-chair, pram or the like.

You can bring your own food and eat in the garden. If you did not bring anything, you can buy something at the museum Restaurant DEILIG that offers a menu inspired by Andersen's writings.

The museum is suitable for wheel chair users. You can enter the lower part of the museum via a 110 meter ramp or you can choose to use the elevator.

No, you can't. Not even if it is tiny / is carried in a bag / is the cutest thing ever. Sorry.