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Carl Nielsen District

Odense's new city district is part of the ambitious urban transformation, where the city is now more open and the entire city centre is now connected with new, beautiful, organic, sharp and different shapes with courtyard environments and new business premises.

What can you find in the Carl Nielsen District?

In Carl Nielsen you'll find several different housing complexes, some with beautiful organic shapes, while others have sharp edges. The contrast between these is beautiful and creates a dynamic in the neighbourhood that must be experienced. Another unique feature of the neighbourhood is the herringbone paving, which also creates a unique dynamic.

The neighbourhood has created a lot of space for businesses, where you will find Jeff and Joy Børnesko, where you can get everything for the little ones' feet, Små Stjernestunder, which is a family-friendly coffee shop and LE KLINT Brand Store, which has been producing the unique LE KLINT lamps in Odense since 1943.

The urban transformation

From a busy road that divided the city in two to a closed street where new and beautiful buildings have sprung up - this was the plan for the urban transformation of Thomas B. Thriges Gade. Thriges Gade, and it has certainly succeeded. And like a vein, the Light Rail runs through the neighbourhood, creating even more coherence in the city centre.


Photo:Jonas Legarth

The contrast between old and new

The Carl Nielsen Quarter is located close to the old historic neighbourhood, the H.C. Andersen Quarter. Andersen Quarter, where the contrast between these two neighbourhoods is great, but in a beautiful and still coherent way. Here, the colourful, small houses of the H.C. Andersen Quarter meet the larger, organic but sharp apartment blocks. In Carl Nielsen you will find a beautifully planted courtyard, Rosenhaven, located right next to Rosengade, where the courtyard beautifully connects the two different neighbourhoods.

Gåtur i Carl Nielsen Kvarteret

Photo:Jonas Legarth