The 5 Most Visited Attractions in Odense

Photo: Daniel Jensen

Are you curious about which attractions in Odense are without a doubt worth a visit? Bring your family, significant other or friends and experience five amazing attractions and share the excitement with thousands of other visitors.

In Odense, you have the opportunity to get closer to Hans Christian Andersen than anywhere else in the world. The new museum, which opened in 2021, was designed by Japanese star architect Kengo Kuma and both the building and the exhibition are definitely worth a visit. You move around the exhibition guided by an audio guide in Danish, English or German. Read more about Hans Christian Andersen here

The new museum also offers a special section for children, which they call Ville Vau. Here, children can play their way into the fairytales and try on the beautiful costumes. You can also visit his childhood home, which was the place from where he discovered the world and began his poetic adventure. In addition, when you take a walk through the old streets of the city, you can feel the atmosphere of the time and explore in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen.

Photo:Ard Jongsma


Through H. C. Andersen's footsteps, you will also pass TID. Here you step back in time, where life takes place as in H. C. Andersen's time. You will thus meet an authentic urban environment from the 19th century, where you can walk on cobbled streets between the farm hens. You can also see several different exhibitions, for example, "Funen - in the middle of the world", "City life" and "Children's backyard".



Odense ZOO is an obvious choice, whether you are going on a family outing or a fun day with friends and the possibilities of the garden are many.

Among other things, you can:

  • help feed the giraffes and watch as the other animals are being fed.
  • take a picnic at a height of 12 meters in "Bøgetoppen".
  • visit the large new playground "Chunga".
  • maybe do an overnight stay in shelters on the savannah.

In short, it is no problem to spend a whole day here. Should you feel like it, you can enjoy your food in the beautiful park or visit one of the garden's restaurants.

Odense ZOO has twice won the award Europe's best Zoo of its size and with hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, there can be no doubt that Odense ZOO is, of course, worth a visit!



Odense is home to Funen's largest art museum, Kunstmuseum Brandts, which is located by Brandts Passage and is Denmark's first museum for art and visual culture. Here you can experience the museum's various exhibitions and events in the unique old building complex with four floors. Every year, the museum presents ten new exhibitions which consist of modern and classical art, as well as today's pop culture images. 

On the top floor, you can find a collection of more than 15,000 classic works of art, international photography, films and drawings and experience some of the world's best artists, photographers and image creators.

At Brandts, you will also find Brandts Café, which forms the setting for many of the museum's activities and where you can, of course, enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Also, you can visit Brandts Shop, which is Funen's only art bookstore, with a large selection of beautiful designs, crafts and gifts.

Photo:Den Fynske Landsby


You can also take a walk in the countryside in the middle of the city if you visit the Funen open-air museum Den Fynske Landsby (The Funen Village). Here we strive to create an understanding of our common cultural-historical roots and to be a living museum that gives a sense of life in the Funen villages in the 19th century. Here you can step directly into the history of Funen, and the museum's activities and events help to make your visit very authentic. Activities at the museum follow the course of the seasons to suit the tasks of agriculture. In the village, the main goal is to grow food that can later be prepared by fireplaces or on old stoves. You also have the opportunity to go for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

During the year, various events are held, such as "Wool Day", "Beer Brewing Day" and "Craftsman's Day".