Top Tips for your sweet tooth

Photo: Johan Joensen

When you're just in the mood for something sweet, here's a guide to our favorite places in Odense Where do locals go when they want to buy træstammer (tree trunks)? Where to get the best cheesecake? Is it possible to find the perfect coffee cake in Odense?

And it just so happens, we’ve got our very own sweets and cakes connoisseur, who’ll guide you to 5 of the best places in town.

5 must visits for sugar lovers:

  1. Wienerbageriet Døckerslund – Authentic little bakery as seen in almost all smaller towns in Denmark. 
  2. Morten's Chocolates – Handmade chocolates with world class flavours.
  3. Wendorff – Classic Danish baker / confectioner cakes mad from top quality local ingredients.
  4. Grain Sourdough Bakery – Wholemeal spelt bread, croissants and island bread. All baked with sourdough.
  5. Mahi’s Cabin, Tea, coffee and sweets to go with them (try the cheesecake)


Wienerbageriet Døckerslund – Authentic little bakery without pretensions. It looks like a normal Danish baker from the outside, and the small room, which is stuffed with freshly baked bread and delicacies, doesn't wow you either - in short, it is reminiscent of something you see in most Danish cities. The difference between this and others, however, is that the quality and taste of their baked goods is top notch. If you are looking for a good old classic, then their træstammer (tree trunks) are highly recommended - there is extra marzipan, plenty of chocolate at the ends and a strong taste of cocoa and rum in the dough.

Morten's Chocolates - Handmade chocolates with world-class taste: There is something special about chocolates that are handmade from scratch, and it can be both seen and tasted at Morten's Chocolates.

Wendorff - Classic Danish baker / confectioner cakes from top quality local ingredients: A short description could sound like this: 20% extra quality for 10% extra price. Their bread and cakes are above standard. Its as simple as that. For the price-conscious, it should be mentioned that they might just charge 2 kroner extra, but it is quickly forgotten once you have tasted a cake or piece of bread, which always has a perfect texture and taste, baked to perfection. If you can't stand a dull crossaint at the breakfast table or a semi-dry cake for afternoon coffee, then Wendorff is the safe choice.

Grain Sourdough Bakery - Kasper, a former chef, has been a sourdough bread nerd for several years, and his love for handmade quality oozes out of the intimate shop. As he describes it, Vesterbro needed a "neighbourhood sourdough baker" and now the neighbourhood has definitely got one. 

Mahi's Cabin, Tea and Coffee - Hygge, sheer hygge: Homemade cakes based on homemade and tried and tested recipes, a decor and a service that makes you feel the hygge the second you cross the threshold. If we were to show tourists and other foreigners what Danish hygge really is, then this is the first place we take them. When you see the place from the outside, you quickly sense that you could sit and relax a bit and enjoy a quiet moment, with a good friend or family or good colleague. When you see the place from the inside and greet the owners, you will be sure that here you will want to enjoy a cup of coffee and some cake. When you taste it, you will know you made the right choice