48 hours in Odense - who do you go exploring with?

Photo: Johan Joensen

Here are our suggestions on how to spend an extended weekend in Odense, including suggestions for activities, dining and culture.

Life itself is the most wonderful adventure. Hans Christian Andersen

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The Old Quarter and Hans Christian Andersen

Start your stay in Odense with a stroll through Odense's historic quarter, where cozy cobbled streets and colourful houses surround the area where Hans Christian Andersen was born. Stop by the Andersen House before you go explore the small streets and alleys. If you are craving a coffee, Nelles in Overgade is always ready with a good cup.


Odense has a plethora of restaurants and eateries, so there is always an opportunity to get what your heart desires. If you enjoy gourmet food, we can recommend dining at Restaurant Aro or Pasfall. For more traditional Danish food, Klosterkroen or Grønttovet are worth visiting.

A drink after your meal

In the evening, Odense buzzes with life. If you want to enjoy a glass of wine or a cold beer, there are many places you can go. Anarkist Food & Beer Lab, Christian IV or Amys Bar & Winehouse are some of our favorite spots because of their cozy atmospheres and large selection of local and foreign beers.

If you're looking for a glass of wine, we recommend Lalou Wine Bar or the S'vineriet Vinapotek.


Shopping and Culture

A walk through the pedestrian street of Odense offers a wealth of small exciting shops and cafes. Walk through Brandt's Passage, where you will find everything from clothing to ceramics and art. Here you will also find a few of the city's museums and the Amphitheater, which is used for events throughout the summer.


Brandt's Passage is a nice place to find lunch or a delicious buffet. Kong Volmer offers Danish sandwiches, Cafe Chino has a delicious brunch and Café Cuckoos Nest offers a large selection of sandwiches and burgers.

Another area with great restaurants is the Vintapper Stræde. Here you will find everything from delicious Italian dishes to a good burger.

Time for attractions

When you are finished with lunch, a visit to Brandts should be at the top of your list. This international art museum offers everything from classic Danish art, to photo exhibitions and sensory exhibitions for children and childish souls.

Another classic in Odense is a boat trip on Odense River. Aafarten and the boat ride take you from the center of the city, along the idyllic river out to Fruens Bøge. Hop off the boat and take a stroll to Velodrome Coffee Shop at Fruens Bøge Station or go down to the meadow and enjoy an ice cream with gorgeous views of the lake.


If you are still in Fruens Bøge, stop by the popular gourmet restaurant Sortebro Kro, situated on the edge of the Funen Village. Here you will have the opportunity to sample some of the best Odense has to offer.

Hop on the river boat to head back to the center of the city. To see the most of the city, we recommend that you cross the city bridge and continue down to the harbor. Here you will find Odense’s street food market, Storms Pakhus. Storms Pakhus is a great place to experience the local vibe. With 24 different food stalls and an outdoor market, Storms Pakhus provides a wide range of culinary experiences.

Photo:Benjamin Dalby


The Harbour

Start Sunday with a treasure hunt at the open air flea market near the harbour. The flea market has everything from clothes to antiques, so maybe you will find something to take home with you.

If the weather permits, hop in the Harbour Bath. A morning swim with a view of the Fiord is a great way to start your day.


For a wonderful way to end to the weekend, find your way to Café Fleurí in Nørregade. Their organic brunch is a treat for the taste buds, and their patio and beautiful décor are a sight to see and a definite Instagram favorite.