Your guide to Instagram friendly spots

Photo: Anja Panduro - VisitOdense

Many people love exploring new places because it also provides beautiful, creative and different content to share on social media, print for the notice board or something else.

Odense is full of beautiful, quirky, aesthetic places that are perfect for your Instagram feed.  
We've put together a guide to the most Instagram-friendly places in Odense for you below. Feel free to tag @visitodense or #visitodense when sharing photos from the city and we'll repost.


One of the most photogenic streets in the old quarter is Paaskestraede, full of colourful old houses and ending by the river.

Photo: Johan Joensen
Simone Keller i Paaskestræde
Photo: Simone Keller

Hans Jensens Stræde

Here you are right in the middle of the old neighbourhood and where you will find the entrance to the new Hans Christian Andersen House.

Photo:Jonas Legarth

Bangs Boder

Still in the historic quarter, but moving away from the museum, Bangs Boder exude atmosphere and charm.

Photo: Daniel Jensen
Photo: Simone Stæhr Keller


The street that for 100 years was the backyard of one of Odense's most prominent businesses: Marinus Lytjens Vinhandel, is now one of Odense's most beautiful hotspots with a bustling street, creative workshops, small shops, eateries and bars.

Photo: Benjamin Dalby
paraplyer i Vintapperstraede
Photo: Andreas Bastiansen

Odense Harbour

The old industrial harbour has been gentrified and is now a vibrant and modern part of Odense.

Photo: Anja Panduro
Moletrappen på Odense Havn
Photo: Anja Panduro

Odense Harbour Bath

This harbour bath is one of our newest attractions - and has been mentioned by Vogue as one of the best harbour baths.

Photo: Benjamin Dalby
Odense Havnebad solopgang
Photo: Johan Joensen

The city bridges

Because the river flows through the centre of Odense, the city is full of unique bridges. Go exploring.

Photo: Benjamin Dalby
Photo: Frame & Work

The garden around the Hans Christian Andersen House

Explore the Hans Christian Andersen Garden, located around, on top of and connected to Hans Christian Andersen's House - right in the centre of the city. The garden moulds itself around the organic buildings, creating a magical outdoor universe that changes with the seasons. The garden is free to visit.

Photo: Daniel Jensen
Photo: Daniel Jensen

The Hans Christian Andersen House

Explore the award-winning H.C. Andersen House, filled with beautiful, whimsical, and grand photo opportunities.

Photo: Celine Bruun
H.C. Andersens hus bindingsværksdetalje
Photo: Anja Panduro

Do you fly a drone?

If you're a drone pilot, you have a unique opportunity to experience Odense from a bird's eye view. Here are two of our ideas for beautiful, unique and magical photo locations. See more locations on our Instagram page

Photo: Thomas Mørkeberg
drone solopgang odense havn
© VisitOdensePhoto: Benjamin Dalby

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