What do others think of Odense?

Photo: Benjamin Dalby

We love Odense, of course, but maybe you're curious about what others think of our city? Read on, where we've gathered the latest articles and travel blogs from guests and journalists who have visited Odense. What did they think of it and what do they recommend to others?

Spring honeymoons, 6 unmissable ideas of luxury and elegance perfect if you leave in March 2024
Vogue Italy has written an article about spring destinations and Odense and Funen are on the list. You can read the article here

Scandinavia Travel: 5 Must Visit Destinations i 2024
The american business magazine Forbes has published an article about the hiking route Carls Camino in Odense among other attractions.

Forbes believes the Danish Viking ring fortresses could be Europe's next big attraction
You can read the article here

Guide Michelin awards Restaurant Aro the first Funen star
read their description of the restaurant here

In the Footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen
Wanderlust Magazine features a 12-page article about Hans Christian Andersen and the many places he visited around Denmark in their latest magazine.

L’isola danese di Fionia, vista con gli occhi di Andersen
Dust of your Italian and discover what La Repubblica writes about Odense and Fyn.

100 most loved destinations - Odense is on the list
To see the entire list - and who holds the number 1 spot - visit this page.

In Denmark, Harbor Bathing Is a Year-Round Activity-Here's Why and Where to Try It
Read the Vogue article that lists the finest harbour baths in Denmark (including ours in Odense, of course) and why winter bathing is a good idea.

N.Y. Times includes Odense on list of places to visit in 2023
You can see who else is featured in the article here

The 9 BEST things to do in Odense
weareglobaltravellers.com have visited Odense and you can read their article here

5 Fascinating Facts About Odense, Denmark
Find out what Forbes Magazine thinks the 5 most fascinating things about Odense are 

Balletskolen foran H.C. Andersens Hus

Photo:Elvinas Tam

Michelin Green Guide
Click to see Michelin's recommendations in Odense

World's greatest places 2021
In 2021, Odense was also on the list of the coolest destinations according to Time Magazine

Why Odense, Denmark, should be on your 2020 travel list
Find out why Lonely Planet thinks you should visit Odense

Europe's most liveable city?
Read the article where The Guardian argues that Odense is Europe's most liveable city.