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Walk towards Andersen's childhood home

Michelin recommends

Photo: Johan Joensen

The Michelin Travel Guide, which is a global travel guide listing the most recommended attractions, has awarded stars to seven attractions in Odense. This makes Odense the city outside the capital with the most recommended sights.

Michelin's stars

The Hans Christian Andersen Quarter ★★★

The Old Town dates back to medieval times and is situated on the East side of the city centre. The main streets Overgade and Nedergade, were the right places to live and where the most powerful and in...

Hans Christian Andersen's Birthplace
Johan Joensen

The Hans Christian Andersen House ★★

Visit the little, yellow, corner house in Hans Jensen's Straede, where Hans Christian Andersen (allegedly) was born in 1805. Almost precisely 100 years later in 1908, the house opened as a museum and ...

Odense City Museum ★★

Møntergården – museum of all ages In the heart of Odense's historic district is Møntergården – a cultural oasis comprising lovely courtyards and beautiful buildings from the 16th century to the presen...

Udstilling på Brandts

BRANDTS - Art Museum ★★

BRANDTS is Denmark's first museum of art and visual culture. Here, we present over 10 exhibitions a year of new and classical art, concurrently with the present's popular images.  With a collection...

Odense Cathedral ★

The Cathedral, St. Knuds, was built in the 1300s. It is a Gothic cathedral with a bright, high nave. Many consider this to be the finest Gothic building in Denmark. It is named after the king Canute ...

Carriage ride at The Funen Village
Den Fynske Landsby

The Funen Village ★

På frilandsmuseet, Den Fynske Landsby, inviteres du indenfor i en fynsk landsby, som den kunne have set ud i 1800-tallet. Museet består af en række gårde og huse, der alle oprindelig har stået i lands...

The Hans Christian Andersen Childhood Home ★

The little house where H.C. Andersen lived with his parents from the age of 2 to 14, was opened as a museum in 1930. The house contains the very humble rooms which comprised the home of the great fair...

The Fairy Tale Garden ★

The garden is situated in the quarter between the city centre and Sankt Knudsgade. It was established by a book club in 1876. This meant that it was closed to the general public. The book club was a l...

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