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Bard Festival at the Iron Age Village

A two-day music and storytelling festival focusing on the music, songs, jesters, and exciting tales of the ancient and medieval times.

Come to a festival from another time, where you can get swept away by dramatic tales in the glow of flames or perhaps join in the wild chain dance under the open sky. Settle in comfortably and enjoy, among other things, the medieval choral music and the captivating tones of the Viking era on exciting instruments such as the gemshorn, Falster pipe, or hurdy-gurdy. Listen to an intriguing lecture about the past from an archaeologist or author. You might even try your own skills as a storyteller, singer, or musician on our open stage.

Saturday's program is mainly focused on adult audiences, but children are, of course, also welcome. Sunday's program is for the whole family, and here we spice up the experience with various workshops especially for the festival's younger guests. Throughout the weekend, you can purchase delicious food and drink. Enjoy, for example, the foamy draft beer from Arnestedet, the delicious dishes from the bonfire, or how about a delicious mead? Follow the program at www.skjaldefestival.dk