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Botanical Garden

The Cultural Botanical Garden is one of Odense's green parks, but with its own distinctive character. The garden has several functions, as the municipality wants it used both as a common green area, inspiration garden for garden lovers and as a training location for kindergartens and schools.

How did the Cultural Botanical Garden come about?
The teacher Arne Emdal started the garden in 1948. Originally the garden was called the Botanical Garden for Schools, and was owned by Odense School Systems. Here you could get training in botany and get plants to take home. Later the garden was handed over to Odense Municipality's park department.

What plants does the garden contain today?
The garden like part contains many interesting trees and shrubs. Of Danish species are found for example buckthorn, yew and hornbeam. The foreign species include Chinese water fir, linden and a Hungarian species of chestnut among others.

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