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Exhibition: Funen – Centre of the World

The museum's main exhibition gives you a fascinating insight into the history of Funen and Odense over the millennia. 

Here we explore the Funen interpretation of Danish history through an impressive collection of artefacts and exciting stories about people and events that have had a decisive influence on history and, from time to time, put the small island on the world map.

Film, sound and interactive elements create an evocative atmosphere around the approximately 2000 objects and narratives in the beautifully staged exhibition. The exhibition extends over two floors and takes you through 11 different themes.

At the entrance to the exhibition, you will encounter the oldest skull ever found in Denmark. It belonged to a man who drowned in a bog on Funen 10,000 years ago. Questions about how he ended up there are still unanswered. Perhaps he slipped through the ice on a cold winter's day, or maybe he was sacrificed to the ancient gods? Times and beliefs were once very different from today.

The title of the exhibition, "Funen - In the Middle of the World," is inspired by an anecdote about a woman from Drejø who once said to her priest: "Isn't it amazing that Drejø is in the middle of the world?" The priest curiously asked what she meant, and she replied: "Yes, because it's the same distance from Drejø to Ærøskøbing, Rudkøbing and Svendborg, so it feels like Drejø is in the middle of the world!" Remember that your perspective on the world will always be shaped by your life situation."