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Exhibition: Odense's Viking Fortress

Discover Nonnebakken – Odense's Fascinating Viking Fortress

Are you curious to discover what makes Nonnebakken so special? Step into the new exhibition and gain insight into the power structures of the Viking Age.

Here, you will gain a deeper understanding of Odense's Viking ring fortress and learn why this important monument, along with four other Danish ring fortresses, was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2023.

Our exhibition brings you closer to the Viking Age with unique finds and exciting stories that bring the past to life and spark a dialogue about how a structure over 1,000 years old can still have relevance and significance today.

After your visit, you will leave with renewed curiosity and a wealth of new knowledge. Viking fortresses are fascinating but also complex, both then and now. Our exhibition acknowledges this complexity and provides you with the facts and stories you need to continue your own journey of discovery to the places where these fortresses once stood.

Come and experience Nonnebakken – a part of Odense's proud Viking heritage!