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Klosterhaven - Medicinal Herbs

Just down the street from the cathedral, an old wrought iron gate shows you the way to Klosterhaven (The Monastery Garden). Many consider this to be one of the city's most beautiful gardens, created to look and feel authentic and true to its time.

Relax in or explore this monastery garden, which is a geometrically shaped garden with many intricate details. Designed in the 1920’s by the architect I. P. Sørensen, it consists of a small atrium garden, Fratergården, with spring bulbs and perennials. 

In the larger part of the garden, it is possible to explore a collection of more than 125 herbs. Some of these herbs are well known for their medicinal uses – others are more atypical in nature. This is because in the year 2000, the garden was recreated in the image of the 12th century Benedictine monk monastery garden, where many of these herbs were cultivated in order to prevent or alleviate various diseases and illnesses. One thing is for sure, the majority of these herbs cannot be found in your typical garden. It also has benches along one side, where you can sit and enjoy a quiet break, eat your lunch or just take in the many flowers and herbal scents.

The garden is open at all hours of the day and is free to visit.

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