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Playground in Muus' Have

The playground is one of the large playgrounds on the Play Route and has something for all ages. There are swings, climbing equipment, a play tower, playhouse, toboggan run and a football pitch, as well as tables and benches.

A special feature of this playground is a panna court. Panna is a ball game similar to football and is typically played by 2 people, defending your own goal and scoring on the other. The playing time is 2 minutes - in the event of a tie, you play to the next score to decide the game. However, the game can be won by making a "tunnel" on your opponent, where you shoot between your opponent's legs and are the first man on the ball afterwards. You can also come up with other ways to play, e.g. with 3 or 4 men on the pitch and agree on the rules yourself. Remember to bring a football.

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The playground is free to use and accessible all day.