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Restaurant H. C. by Meyers

Nordic cuisine & bistro classics

Restaurant H.C. by Meyers has its roots firmly planted in the traditions of Nordic cuisine, but we are also happy to reach out for flavours from other world cuisines that can enhance the seasonal produce from the Danish kitchen garden.

From the morning we serve our take on a modern breakfast buffet, while lunch is open sandwiches in a whole new way - and the evening menu offers delicious Nordic dishes as well as a selection of classics from the bistro kitchen.

Organic, great taste & sustainability

Organic, thoughtful, sustainable and flavourful are our guiding principles. That's why our kitchen puts green high up in the hierarchy on the plate, along with the best quality meat.

We make extensive use of the special delicacies from Meyer's own kitchen and selected specialities from the dairy in Broby on Funen - just as Meyer's experience with characterful sourdough bread is continued in our own bakery.

At restaurant H.C. by Meyers, we offer an informal dining experience in the beautiful surroundings of Hotel Odeon.