Stige Island - peninsula of Odense

Explore Stige Island anew! In the past Stige Island was used as Odense Municipality's landfill, it was thereafter cleaned up and reclaimed as a natural oasis and active area, with multiple vantage points. A multitude of hills have been formed, which now house various plants, fauna and wildlife. Underneath these hills, Stige Island now creates gas which is extracted for energy production, the process itself is described in detail on information signs throughout Stige Island.

It is possible to experience Stige Island by night, through many of the public facilities and shelters available for booking on the island, the practical information is listed below.

Activities currently available there include:

A dirt track for mountain bikes,

'Hiking' routes,

A unique playground as well as large swings over a vantage point,

An intensive military-style circle training route,

Bird watching.

Public facilities available include:

Toilets that are wheelchair accessible and handicap friendly,

Indoor shower

Outdoor water tap, to wash sand off the feet or top up on drinking water

A fire pit with free accompanying firewood (Amount of firewood varies),

A sheltered bench area, where one can grill and eat,

A slipway / boat ramp,

An ice cream kiosk, which is open during the summer months,

Shelters with a fire pit, which are booked through Sussi Jensen: 65 51 27 26.

FYI - Tents are not allowed due to the danger of underground gases! - Book a shelter!