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Can You Take Clean Water For Granted?

Photo: Colourbox

In Denmark, we take clean tap water for granted - this is not how it looks everywhere in the world. In more than half of the world, tap water is of such a quality that you have to take precautions before you drink it. Lets take a moment to feel privileged.

In Odense, the water in the tap is supplied by Vandcenter Syd, a publicly owned monopoly company. Vandcenter Syd works purposefully with groundwater protection, climate adaptation and green energy. Among other things, they have responded to the 17 world sustainability goals by selecting 5 goals that they will specifically work on and then make a plan for how they can set their own goals that can support the world goals. 

Drinking Water Quality in Odense

In Odense, tap water is at least as good and clean as bottled water - and it is 200-500 times cheaper! If you use a recycled bottle, you can therefore save the environment a lot of plastic while you are here. You can fill the recycling bottle at one of the many water posts you will find around Odense and the surrounding area. You can see where to find a water post here