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Artemisia Wine Bar

Artemisia Wine Bar at Odense Harbour combines a cosy atmosphere, live music and serving cheeses, charcuterie and speciality dishes.

What does Artemisia mean?

Our name comes from the botanical family Artemisia, representing our commitment to the use of wild, Danish ingredients and our dedication to a more sustainable approach. We value natural resources and, for example, recycle leftover wine to create our unique vermouth, enriched with alcohol and herbs.

What can you expect on our menu?

Artemisia's food concept draws inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine, especially the 'taglieri' from the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. Our two flavours include a classic version with a mix of Italian, French and other Mediterranean products. Our signature version presents only the finest Funen and Danish ingredients.

And what about our wine list?

Our wine concept follows the same philosophy as our menu. We offer classic servings of red and white wines that showcase well-known grapes from Southern Europe. Our signature servings, on the other hand, highlight new and unknown European and local Danish wines. The wine menu includes a wide range of bottled wines that explore lesser-known grapes and vintages from non-traditional wine regions.