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Belgian Art - From Boch to Magritte

Discover the fascinating world of Belgian art in this year's major exhibition, "Belgian Art - From Boch to Magritte". 

Take a journey through the works of some of Belgium's most prominent artists and gain a deep insight into the country's rich art history. The exhibition presents a comprehensive introduction to Belgium's artistic heritage, from neglected female artists of realism and impressionism such as Juliette Wytsman (1866-1925) and Anna Boch (1848-1936) to world-renowned Belgian surrealists such as Réne Magritte (1898-1967) and Jane Graverol (1905-1984).

Featuring some of the country's most influential contemporary artists, the exhibition highlights the tensions and dark chapters in Belgium's history in dialogue with modern art. Explore a diverse perspective on Belgium by delving into artworks that reflect on the country's complex past and present.

The exhibition is based on one of Belgium's most important museum collections and presents works of the highest quality. At the same time, it sheds light on new and neglected voices in the art historical canon. Through fresh perspectives and nuanced narratives, it creates a colourful and diverse portrait of an ever-evolving cultural heritage and national identity. Step into a world of artistic expression and discover Belgium through the eyes of its most talented creators.