Magic Christmas Market in Odense

The Magical Christmas Market in Odense takes place in the historic, cobbled streets of the old town, where Hans Christian Andersen grew up.

The Magical Christmas Market attracts approx. 60,000 guests who participate to get in the Christmas spirit with mulled wine, spruce branches and lanterns, to meet friends and acquaintances and to experience art and culture for young and old. The Christmas market attracts both local citizens and tourists from other regions and countries.

The Magical Christmas Market is filled with local specialities and quality products. You can find handmade sausages, speciality beers, designer tableware, handmade jewellery and much more when you stroll through the atmosphere filled streets between the small old townhouses.

Magical Christmas Market is for the whole family, and we look forward to inviting you to Christmas in Hans Christian Andersen's Odense the first two weekends in December.