The Best Playgrounds in Odense

Photo: Johan Joensen

Toddlers, teenagers or adults that are kids at heart? In Odense you will find playgrounds in fantastic surroundings that can entertain the whole family and here you get five good suggestions on what playgrounds it could be. For a map of all the playgrounds in Odense, click here (in Danish)

The playground in Munkemose Park

In Munkemose Park, in the heart of Odense's city centre, you will find in the midst of scenic surroundings a fantastic playground inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale Thumbelina. Here you can balance on water lilies, slide down a "cliff", hide under large dock leaves and play at the watercourse, your imagination is all it takes. The playground is aimed primarily at the youngest, but for the adults, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the green areas around the little square. In Munkemose park you can also buy a delicious cup of coffee at a nearby café to enjoy while the little ones play.

The Playground on Odense Harbour

If you are looking for more fun for the whole family, a trip to Byens Ø (City Island) at Odense Harbour is recommended. The harbour has undergone impressive development in recent years and now offers lots of fun activities. For the smallest, there is the “Ship Playground” where you can go on a seesaw, climb and practice balance. For the slightly older kids the area has skating facilities, they can play soccer or climb large dice with climbing grips. In addition, you can challenge your physique on the outdoor exercise equipment or beach volleyball court. Or gather the whole family around for a game of miniature golf. In addition to all this, Byens Ø offers a fantastic view of the Fiord, several different eateries and Odense Harbour Bath.

Photo:Johan Joensen

The Playground by Skovalléen

With Odense's perhaps most amazing scenery, a trip to Skovsøen (Forest Lake) is also a fantastic opportunity. Close to this you will find the playground at Skovalléen. At this playground there are, among other things, slides, seesaws and climbing racks. The playground is mostly intended for the smallest, but the opportunities in the area are many and there are other nearby playgrounds. It is also suitable for children in wheelchairs. 

In addition, the surroundings invite you to take a walk around the lake, use the large green areas and enjoy a large delicious waffle ice cream. The area around Lake Skovsøen is a short distance from the Funen Village and Odense Å, so it is no problem to have a full day to go here.

The Playground at Ove Sprogøe's Plads

If, on the other hand, you have taken your children on a shopping trip in the city and the little ones need a break, then the playground at Ove Sprogøe's Plads is a great idea. With a central location in the pedestrian area and benches all around, you can sit and relax and watch the little ones while they burn some energy in this beautiful playground that is only a few years old. The playground offers a slide, towers, climbing wall as well as stories by Hans Christian Andersen which can be downloaded to smartphones and also available in several different languages. Of course, these stories are an obvious opportunity for you to get to know Hans Christian Andersen's birthplace better and may be the start of your journey through Hans Christian Andersen's footsteps?

The Playground Route along Odense River

If you go "All in" on the trip to the playground and are ready for a good walk, then the playground route along Odense River is a good choice. The trip is approx. 7 km long and consists of 13 new play and activity places. The route starts at the playground at the Skovalléen, described earlier and from here you will pass various playgrounds located along the river. You will, among other things, experience the balance course at Fruens Bøge, previously mentioned playground in Munke Mose, a giant swing at Nonnebakken, an outdoor fitness center in Paaskestræde and a large playground at Christiansgade with climbing equipment, play tower, playhouse and football field. In short, there is something for everyone. But no one says that you have to go through all 13 places in one day. See how many you can do in one day and continue the next time you are in the mood for some outdoor playground action.