A fun evening out

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A fun evening in Odense offers wine bars, beer bars, cocktail bars, delicious food and more. A romantic evening at one of the wine bars, a cozy evening with friends at Odense Streetfood or a board games café, social dining at Odeon Social and many other options.

Bars and Pubs
Are you headed for craft beers, great wine or cocktails perhaps? Take a look at our recommendations and see if something matches your tastes. Microbreweries are popping up all over Fyn and in Odense and you can taste their delicious products in many of the local bars. If you are looking for a place with a bit of everything, try Storm's Pakhus where they offer a wine bar, a gin bar, a cocktail bar and a speciality beer bar under one roof.

Odense houses the regional theatre Odense Theatre as well as several smaller companies with more experimental programmes. Theatre Momentum is one of the more popular choices, but you can also visit the Funen Opera and others.

In the mood for dinner and a movie? Odense has two big cinemas where you can see all the latest block busters and a smaller café cinema with smaller art films.
Theatres and Cinemas in Odense


Live Music
If you are looking for a concert, take a look at one of the local venues. You can always visit the visitor's centre and ask about today's events. We have several venues for pop/rock music, and because Odense is home to the Funen Music Academy, usually you can also find a classical concert or two.

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