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Play detective and solve riddles in Odense

Escape games have become really popular and by now there are many opportunities in Odense to train your inner detective / treasure hunter / secret agent. Choosing one of the outdoor versions is also a fun way to explore the city while having a fun experience.

Escape Game Odense
Photo: Ukendt

Escape Game Odense

Escape Game Odense is an entertaining activity for families, friends or colleagues. In teams of 2 to 6 people you will be locked into a room and you will have 60 minutes to get out by solving puzzles,...

Amaze Escape Room
Photo: Janos Meszaros

Amaze Escape Room

AMAZE is a unique form of interactive group entertainment. You will be locked in a themed room where you have to solve puzzles, think creatively, find and combine clues but most importantly – work as ...

City Escape Games Odense
Photo: City Escape

City Escape Game

In our City Escape Games, you get to experience the center of Odense in a whole new way, when you suddenly fight against time and the challenges offered by the various escape games. You must act quickly, think clearly and work together efficiently if you are to succeed in the mission.

Game Over - Escape Room Odense
Photo: Bowl’n’Fun Odense

Game Over - Escape Room

When you step into the themed rooms, you are gripped by the mysterious atmosphere that suits the many different themes we have, such as Atlantis, Saw, Hunter’s Lodge, Jack the Ripper and Mission Impossible. You have 60 minutes to solve the room's riddles - will you make it?

Locked - Escape Room Odense

Locked Odense

Locked Escape Rooms Odense is housed in one of Odense city center's most beautiful buildings - namely Fyns Forsamlingshus - and has taken over approx. 350 square meters, wherewe have created four authentic and atmospheric Escape Rooms, that are guaranteed to give families, friends and colleagues from all over Funen some fun and teambuilding experiences.

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