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Warm up with a delicious cup of hot chocolate

Photo: Johan Joensen

Regardless whether you prefer the classic cocoa with whipped cream, homemade hot chocolate or one of the more adventurous varieties, there is something for everybody.

Every season has its charm and visiting Odense on a cold day can easily be a treat, especially for those of us that love hot chocolate. There is nothing cosier than sitting indoors at a “hyggelig” café, with a big cup of hot cocoa to enjoy time with family and friends. So it doesn't matter if you seek a classical hot cocoa with whipped cream, homemade hot cocoa or an entirely different third option, there is something for every taste. 

If you find your way towards the old part of town, there is much more to explore there than Hans Christian Andersen. Tucked in between the charming buildings, you will find Odeon, the city’s music, theatre and conference house. The Café Odeon Social is worth a stop. It is possible to get a large variety of hot beverages, and even two different kinds of hot cocoa. Try the classic hot cocoa, perhaps even go a bit wild and get whipped cream on top or try their hot cocoa with Daim or Oreo topping. 

To choose between cocoa and chocolate can be difficult, both taste great! The choice is even harder at Fredos Coffee Right, where they have four different kinds of hot cocoa drinks. From the two traditional drinks hot chocolate and hot cocoa, to hot white chocolate and Mochaccino, a delicious mix of coffee and chocolate milk, it’s hard not to want to taste them all.

For the more adventurous cocoa lovers, perhaps Café Kræz could be worth a stop, here your cup of sizzling hot cocoa is spiced up with the taste of vanilla syrup. For a cup of more adventurous cocoa, or at least a much sweeter version, the coffee house chain Nelle’s is the place to go. At five different locations citywide, such as in the Street food market, Storms Pakhus or by the river in Munke Mose, you can get a cup of hot cocoa with caramel whipped cream and Daim chunks. For those with less of a sweet tooth, both places do have a regular cup of cocoa.

If you need to kill lots of time, Papas Papbar is the perfect place to go. In addition to a wicked cup of hot chocolate, they have over 600 different board games you can play while staying at the café. Suddenly choosing between white, light or dark chocolate doesn’t seem as hard as choosing a game to play.

Sometimes, just sometimes, spicing the cocoa up with a bit of alcohol is just what you need. At Riceteria there is a couple of options, for an extra spiced version of the delicious cocoa, from Cocoa with Baileys or Cocoa with a twist of Cointreau, Rum and orange. If you prefer a simpler cocoa, you can get several different topping choises, from whipped cream, marshmallows, caramel or chili/cinnamon.

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