Hans Christian Andersen Q & A

Photo: Odense Fotogalleri

Questions and answers about H.C. Andersen - here we answer some of the questions we are often asked. Do you know where H.C. Andersen is buried? Or who has played H.C. Andersen on film? His favorite castle on Funen?

  • Who was Hans Christian Andersen? A: Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish writer and multi-artist, who is primarily known for his many fairy tales, but who also wrote novels, travel descriptions, plays and poems. In addition, he was an accomplished paper artist with scissors, good at drawing, arranging flowers, singing and dancing.
  • When was Hans Christian Andersen born? A: 2nd April 1805
  • When did Hans Christian Andersen die? A: 4th August 1875
  • Where is Hans Christian Andersen's grave? A: At the Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen
  • What did Hans Christian Andersen die from? A: Liver Cancer
  • Who played Hans Christian Andersen ind the movie from 1952? A: Danny Kaye.
  • Where can I find Hans Christian Andersen's museum? A: The museum's address is H.C. Andersen Haven 1, 5000 Odense C
  • Where can I find Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home? A: The address of the childhood home is Munkemøllestræde 3, 5000 Odense C
  • Where can I find Hans Christian Andersen's birth home? A: Andersen's birth home, the little yellow corner house is situated Hans Jensens Stræde 45, 5000 Odense C
  • Where can I find the statue of Hans Christian Andersen? A: Several sculptures have been made of H.C. Andersen. In Odense, you will find a sculpture made by Louis Hasselriis in the garden behind the Cathedral as well as a sculpture made by Jens Galschiøt, representing H.C. Andersen sitting on a bench, placed outside the Radisson Hotel H.C. Andersen. Also, there are some very photographed sculptures of H.C. Andersen, sitting down and reading a fairy tale aloud both in Copenhagen and in Central Park in New York.
  • Was Hans Christian Andersen gay? A: The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Nobody can answer definitively since Andersen has not answered the question himself. It is certain at least that he was interested romantically in several people, both men and women.
  • Where did Hans Christian Andersen live? A: He lived in Odense for the first 14 years, then moved to Copenhagen, where he lived, among other things, in Nyhavn.
  • Was Hans Christian Andersen married? A: No, H.C. Andersen never got married. He was in love several times, but never with any luck.
  • Was Hans Christian Andersen the son of a King? A: This theory often pops up and is based primarily on the young Hans playing with the prince in the castle courtyard while his mother worked there, as well as his very warm welcome in the capital. It has never been confirmed or denied.