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The New Hans Christian Andersen House is now open

This summer, the biggest new attraction for many years opens in Odense - a new H.C. Andersen House. Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has designed the spectacular museum which consists of both indoor and outdoor spaces (2/3 of the museum is underground) and so far it looks beautiful.

Andersen and Odense

H.C. Andersen's adventures are given Denmark's greatest contribution to world culture. Even though the stories were written many years ago, they are still highly loved in large parts of the world and arouse the imagination, contemplation and inspiration of both children and adults. H.C. Andersen was born in Odense in 1805.

“H.C. Andersen's House does not talk about H.C. Andersen - it speaks as H.C. Andersen” Henrik Lübker - H.C. Andersen's House

His early years came to play a major role for the poet, and many of the fairy tales are based on experiences from his childhood. It is therefore natural that Odense has a special obligation to take care of the legacy of and the dissemination of H.C. Andersen's life and work and the culture that formed the framework for this.

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H.C. Andersen's House - a world you think you know

From 2021, his fantastic stories also form the foundation for a completely new type of museum that spatializes the experience of Andersen's literary universe and stages a living world, a total artistic space where architecture, sound, light and a stream of images constantly create new encounters between the visitors and Andersen's adventures. As a museum and attraction, H.C. Andersen's House cultivates the wonder, the imagination and the adventures that evoke reflection and create new perspectives on ourselves, nature and society. The communication at the museum is thus not just about Andersen, but to a large extent like Andersen and his literary universe.

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A visit to the new museum will contain more questions than answers: About Andersen's romanticized childhood, about his unrequited love life, about constantly being on the move in an attempt to find his place in life, stick out, get away, find a home.

The fairy tales are familiar but do not behave quite as we remember them when the visitors themselves have to live them out: When it is their own shadow that begins to live its own life, when they are the Emperor in the Emperor's New Clothes, or when they must find the courage to open the doors to the dogs in the Tinderbox.


These are the questions we are often asked in regards to the new Hans Christian Andersen House & Museum.

The new museum has a maximum of 250 guests at a time.

The museum proper covers 5600 m2 - two thirds of which is under ground. The garden covers 7000 m2 and the total museum area covers 9000 m2.

H.C. Andersens Hus
H.C. Andersen Haven 1
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