Practical information for families with smaller children

When the whole family is traveling and there is entertainment for the children to find, diapers to be changed and little mouths to feed, it is nice to know where to go. Here you get an overview of facilities for families with children in the centre of Odense.

Changing Facilities and Breastfeeding Breaks

Have the little ones come along and need a dry diaper? Are you missing a place where you can put yourself in a quiet environment if the little one needs something to eat? At “All About Kids” you have the opportunity to make use of their cozy nursing and changing facilities. Here you will also find a large selection of toys, clothing and decor, and the shop also offers stroller or push cart hire if the little legs have grown tired.

In Magasin's children's section on the first floor, you will also find a lovely nursing and changing room. Here you will find in changing table, microwave, armchairs as well as toys and books for the slightly older children.

Minimig (Mini Me), which is a cozy universe within baby and children's clothing as well as toys and interiors, also offers a nursing room where there is room to feed and change. In addition, you will find changing facilities at several of the city's kid-friendly restaurants.

Fun Activities for Kids

Do you need a break and the children need to be entertained? Then you can visit some of the city's fantastic playgrounds that the little ones will love. The playground at Munkemose is in the midst of scenic surroundings and is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's adventure about Thumbelina. The playground, where the little ones can practice balancing on water lilies, gliding off a "cliff", and hiding under large dock leaves, caters primarily to the smallest.

The playground at Ove Sprogøe Square is also worth a visit. It offers a slide, towers, climbing wall, as well as stories by Hans Christian Andersen that can be downloaded to smartphones. While the children are playing, relax on one of the benches around the playground and enjoy the sight of the playful children. The playground at the Fairy Tale Garden is also an obvious destination for a relaxing respite. In the midst of the scenic park in the middle of the city, you'll find a playground that targets the smallest children in a quiet corner of the garden.

Need more? Try this article the city's best playgrounds.

Cultural with baby

Are you on maternity leave and miss to be cultural and go to a museum? We have the solution for you, right here.

BabyMUS organized by Odense City Museums is perfect for all babies and their parents interested in history, guided tours and city walks. It takes place on the last Wednesday of each month and has a new theme each time. There is, of course, room for breastfeeding, diaper change and the like during the events.

Art Museum BRANDTS also invites parents and babies to a cultural experience - Brandts with baby. As well as taking in the exhibition you also have the opportunity to make hand and footprints of your baby in the workshop. Of course, there is also room for baby babble and diaper changing and the visit also offers coffee, water and rolls.