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The 5 best selfie spots in Odense

Photo: Johan Joensen

Here are 5 of the best spots to take a selfie in Odense. We have pointed out a few of our favorites but there are many more to explore. Share your favorite selfies with us on Instagram @visitodense or #visitodense

Hans Christian Andersen sitting on a bench

This sculpture is one of the most photographed sculptures or indeed locations in Odense, I think you can see why. This sculpture is a selfie invitation If I ever saw one.


The Old Town Quarter

Take a selfie in front of your favorite colorful house in the Old Town Quarter where H.C. Andersen lived. The streets are lined with quaint and charming colorful houses so take your pick.


H.C. Andersen’s Birthplace

Another one of our favorite selfie spots is the little yellow house where Hans Christian Andersen was born. This is a significant historical spot in Odense that you don’t want to miss.


Odense Harbour

Odense’s newly revitalized harbor is ideal for taking selfies or capturing a gorgeous photo of the sunset with the backdrop of the new impressive residential buildings.


H.C. Andersen statue in the Fairytale garden

Hans Christian Andersen is an icon in Odense and abroad. Take a selfie with the large bronze statue that commemorates Denmark’s famous fairytale writer.


Take a selfie with a Viking in Odin’s Odense

Denmark is known for its brutal and fascinating history during the Viking Age. Visit Odin’s Odense to step back in time into a village that showcases life in both the Iron and Viking Age. While you’re there, take a selfie with your favorite Viking.

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