Odense Medieval Days 2018

Feel the Presence of History in Odense

Photo: Odense Middelalderdage

Odense is one of Denmark's oldest cities and you can feel the presence of history everywhere. In our museums you can explore the Iron Age, Viking Age, 18th century farm village life, the Cold War and even what everyday life was like for your grand parents at Tidens Samling.

We recommend that you visit our city museum Møntergården and the open air museums The Funen Village and Odin's Odense (18th century and Iron Age / Viking Age respectively). If after that you are still in the mood for a dose of history we have several additional history themed museums - you can find them in the list below.

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.
Hans Christian Andersen


Odense City Museum Møntergaarden

Møntergården – museum of all ages In the heart of Odense's historic district is Møntergården – a cultural oasis comprising lovely courtyards and beautiful buildings from the 16th century to the present day. Three exhibitions promise wonderful experiences. The newest building (2013) ...

The Funen Village - Open Air Museum

Go back in time to the Funen open-air museum - with rural structures from the 18th and 19th century - a complete village environment has been recreated, with half-timbered buildings, fences, farm animals, a village pond and a village street. The entire village is surrounded by cultivated l...

Odin's Odense - Iron Age and Viking Age

Welcome to our history Discover our living past in a village that shows life in the Iron Age and the Viking Age, which lasted from app. 500 BC to about 1100 AD. In Odin's Odense, you can try for yourself what life was like when the Iron Age became a Viking age!

The Danish Railway Museum

Nostalgia and memories at the Danish Railway Museum In the middle of Odense, just beside the railway station, the museum houses an original roun...

Tidens Samling, Museum of Everyday Life in the 20th Century

Museum Tidens Samling is a museum, showcasing everyday fashion, design and interior design in the 20th century. Here are two exhibitions, the permanen...

Odense Bunker Museum

Would you like to explore a fully intact 450 m2 nuclear bunker from the 1950s? This bunker has been restored to pristine condition and includes a...

Kramboden (The old Store)

Kramboden is situated in a listed merchants house from the 16th century. Now as before this museum shop is a real shop with a good range of antiques, ...

The History of Odense

Raids, religion and regicide

– the story of the last Danish Viking king is quite the tale

The 5 most interesting churches in Odense

Odense Cathedral is known as one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in Denmark

Top attractions in Odense for history geeks

Do you love history? Getting to know what made a city to what it is today?