Eco-conscious experiences in Odense

Photo:Benjamin Dalby&Colourbox

Sustainability is high on the agenda in Odense, and we would like to inspire you to a more eco-conscious stay in Odense. On this page, you can find inspiration and information about environmentally certified hotels, eateries with a focus on organic and local produce, and attractions that work actively with sustainability.

Get some tips for a greener holiday in Odense

Green experiences

Here is a small selection of some of the green experiences in Odense, from eco-conscious attractions to green experiences in nature.

Responsible dining

If you want to eat somewhere that focuses on the environment, local produce, and good taste, we have gathered several options here. 

Accommodation at certified hotels

A number of the city's hotels are environmentally certified, so you can sleep with a clear conscience.

Facilities and amenities

Odense strives to be a city for everyone, therefore good accessibility is crucial so that our citizens and guests can use the city's spaces, attractions and offers on an equal footing as everyone else. Via it is possible to see which hotels, attractions and buildings are registered.

You are always welcome to contact us or the individual tourism companies for more information about accessibility in Odense.