The Funen Experience

Photo: Malene Thyssen

In the middle of Funen lies Odense, a natural base for a visit to Denmark's green garden. Fun is adventure and beautiful scenery, culture and activities for young and old alike, it is beautiful, relaxed and nice.

And you can easily spend a week's holiday without running out of activities.

Funen Castles and Manorhouses


Egeskov has something for the whole family - big and small. Experience Denmark's most beautiful garden, the fantastic play forest with the huge maze, exhibitions with vintage cars, motorcycles and aircraft. Here is something for the whole family and it can easily take the whole day to expe...

The Romantic Garden Sanderumgaard

Explore the romantic garden, which has been recreated by it's current owners to reflect the peaceful style originally set up by Johan Bülow in the per...

Holckenhavn Castle

One of the most magnificent manor houses whose history can be traced all the way back to 1590. The 12 hectare park is open to the public.   Please co...

Danehofslottet - Nyborg Slot

Nyborg Slot is a royal castle built towards the end of the 12th century as part of the defence which the Danish kings established against the Wends. ...

Valdemars Castle

The castle was built 1639-44 for prince Valdemar, son of Christian IV_ and Kirstine Munk. Later the castle was taken over by the naval hero Niels Iuel...

It doesn't matter if you're born in a duck yard, so long as you are hatched from a swan's egg!
Hans Christian Andersen

Top Attractions on Fyn


WELCOME TO NATURAMA IN SVENDBORG  See animals at close range and experience the staging of elk, musk ox, whale skeletons and birds in a natural theatre with light, sound and film. Dive down into the deep blue universe with the giants of the sea. Pat the small brown bear, hear the roar o...

Faaborg Museum

A COMPLETE ART EXPERIENCE SINCE 1915 Faaborg Museum is a Gesamtkunstwerk featuring painting, sculpture, architecture and furniture design – and the o...

The Vikingmuseum Ladby

What is the Ladby Ship? It is Denmark’s only ship grave from the Viking period. Around 925 AD, the king of Ladby was buried in his ship, which was 21...

CLAY – an architectural pearl

When you arrive at CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark, you will notice two very different buildings; the traditional main building (Grimmerhus) and th...

Johannes Larsen Museum

The Johannes Larsen Museum at Møllebakken in Kerteminde offers more than just an artistic experience of a special quality. The museum is also a fascin...

Funen Nature

Svanninge Bakker, (hills)

Odensevej, 3 km north from Faaborg. Until the beginning of the 1800s, the hills were bare. the hillsides were covered in heather and the valleys uncultivated. As it was becoming incrasingly unprofitable to cultivate the poor soil, and as the flocks of the sheep were diminshing, it was deci...

The Archipelago Trail

With its 220 km circling the South Funen Archipelago, this is one of Denmark's longest trails.

Fyns Hoved

The outer part of the peninsula Hindsholm is called Fyns Hoved (Funen's Head) and belongs to the most beautiful places in Denmark. Very early man came...


Helnæs - peninsula

Frøbjerg Bavnehøj - the highest point on Funen

Funen's highest point

Funen Specialities

Funen is known as Denmark's kitchen garden and several of our specialities are based on Funen produce like apples and asparagus. And don't forget brunsviger and smoked cheese.

Food plays a big part on Fyn and this shows in the many gastronomy themed events like EAT!Odense, Svendborg Fødevaremarked, Rosé Festival and more. Find them in the events calendar.

Farm Shops on Fyn

Fyn, located in the heart of Demark, is known as Denmark's garden with lots of orchards, fields and

Wendorff Bakery - Quality Breads

Wendorff has a large and delicious selection of freshly baked bread and cake. You can also have a cup of coffee to go with your baked goods.

Producenten Cheese Shop

Producenten Cheese Shop has a very wide selection of both Danish and foreign cheeses and other delicacies.

Dreyer's Organic Farm Shop

Dreyer's Farm Shop has a variety of organic groceries as well as beef, veal, pork and lamb from their own production.