Active Holiday

Photo: Johan Joensen

Odense offers many options if you who would like to be active during your holiday. Among other things, we have many nice bike paths, you can rent a canoe or kayak and fo sailing, so paddle sports at the harbor, use the outdoor "fitness center" in Munke Mose and much more.

Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you can get a story from everything you touch.
Hans Christian Andersen

Do you prefer biking?

Photo: Johan Joensen

Do you want to go sailing?

In Odense you can go for a leisurely trip in a pedalo on the river or in the harbour, or rent a canoe or kayak and go for a longer trip to the fiord.

Rent a pedalo on Odense River

The trip with Aafart’s tour boat is absolutely fantastic, but there is also something very special about being alone on the river in a pedalo. If you ...

DCU Camping Canoe Rental

Rent a Canoe at DCU-Odense City Camping This Campsite is located in a beautiful natural area, yet is still relatively close to the city centre. ...

Want to go golfing?

Photo: Ukendt

Want to go fishing?

Fyns Fiskevand in Odense

4 great fishing lakes, one of which is for kids, with focus on quality and service, beautifully located 12 km south of Odense. A total of 55.000 m2 o...

Odense River

It is a special feeling to be so close to a big city and yet in the country side. The Odense River is virtually unchanged and presents recreative po...

Or something completely different?

Public Pools in Odense

Do you need a swim? In Odense you can choose and indoor or outdoor pool - all year round.

Padelsport on Odense Harbour

Use the holiday actively, take the whole family or friends out to try the new sport padel at Odense Harbour. You can book online on the web site.

Outdoor fitness playgrounds

In several places, primarily along the river, you can find outdoor fitness gyms with exercise equipment. These gyms are available for everybody.

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