The cathedral as seen from the park

City Quarters

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City Quarters

Odense has many different quarters to explore. Lets start in the original part of the city, the historic quarter. This is where Hans Christian andersen, Oluf Bager and many other prominent citizens strolled about more than 200 years ago.

From there you can go to Odense Harbour which is changing right now from industrial harbour to fashionable residential area with restaurants and activities. Continue on to the Latin Quarter in the old textile mill Brandts and finish in the southern part om Odense in Fruens Bøge where the well to do used to go on picnics.


The Old Town Quarter in Odense

The Old Town dates back to medieval times and is situated on the East side of the city centre. The main streets Overgade and Nedergade, were the right places to live and where the most powerful and influential citizens had their houses and businesses. Some of the city's oldest houses are ...

Odense Harbour - restaurants, harbour bath and more

Odense Harbour was built in the beginning of the 19th century and a lot has happened since then. For 150 years it served as a busy industrial harbour,...

The Latin Quarter

Discover the special Latin Quarter in the heart of OdenseOdense’s Latin Quarter is located on the west side of the city centre and spreads over the Br...

The Walking Street Quarter - Odense City

The dedicated walking streets of Odense’s city centre are reserved for pedestrians and their leisure, as they are filled with opportunities for shoppi...

Under the open sky

Odense is known as a green city, here are plenty of parks and green areas throughout the city. In fact, it has been decided that, in the city centre, ...

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Weekend getaway

Go on an extended weekend in Odense and experience an urban atmosphere combined with historical charm. The historic district, the cozy harbor, the green parks and the Brandts industrial area with its cafés and artisans are all part of Odense's identity.

Street and City Art

Sculpture, street art and performance all help set the mood in the center of Odense. See ROA's beautiful fish and bird on the silo building at the har...


Tips for shopping in Odense with suggestions for the perfect retail therapy POIs. With one of Denmark's longest high streets you can find almost anyth...

Playgrounds in the city

Odense is filled with playgrounds and especially the play route along Odense Å offers many hours of play. Here are both traditional playgrounds with K...

Find the Fairy Tale Sculptures in Odense

In Hans Christian Andersen's home town, Odense, you can see the characters from his fairy tales come to life all over the city; In parks and streets a...


Bridges in Odense