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Delicious new restaurants pop up everywhere - reportedly Odense now has more restaurants per inhabitant than Copenhagen. Whether or not this is true, the locals dine out like never before and the range and level of offers is impressive.

In Odense we love food and curiously cultivate the new as well as the traditional. Restaurants, cafés, gourmet, street-food markets, Funen specialties and produce and farmer's markets provide the framework for a city with plenty of opportunities to experience the world of gastronomy.

Funen is often called Denmark's pantry, Denmark's orchard and Denmark's kitchen garden. These three names hit on the same thing

- the produce grown on the small island in the middle of the country is something very special. The Funen soil provides some of the country's best produce. We recommend that you explore our city's food scene, whether for fine dining, street food or traditional Danish food - Odense delivers.

You can also visit the farmer's market every Wednesday and Saturday and sample the fresh Funen vegetables or local cheeses. Bon appetite!