Christoffer Schärfe - Michelin Star-Chef

Photo:Rico Feldfoss&Rico Feldfoss

A metropolitan feel and strong efforts in the culture, food and art scene.

That's Odense according to Christoffer Schärfe, chef and owner of Restaurant ARO and Kok & Vin. But where are his personal favourite places in the city? Get your inspiration here.

Who is Christoffer Schärfe?

37 years old
Born and raised in Odense, Denmark
Lived in Copenhagen for 10 years and returned to Odense in 2013
Lives in Dalum
Married and father of two children aged 7 and 10.

Christoffer recommends

Musical theatre and art for children

Momentum Theatre is best known for their theatre, but over the past few years they have been building a music scene with Momentum Music. Like their theatre, their music is also more experimental and quirky. If you're open to new music ranging from punk, dub and hip hop to afrobeat, jazz and krautrock, I'd definitely recommend it. They also have two festivals a year - one is a jazz festival and the other a punk festival. The last time I went to their jazz festival, it was centred around African artists, so you can really explore a different musical world.

We've spent a lot of time with the kids at Kunstmuseum Brandts and can easily spend a whole day on the four floors. There are exciting sensory exhibitions and creative workshops where the kids can play and do various crafts, as well as permanent exhibitions on Funen history and the old painters. There are also always cool exhibitions with contemporary art, where they delve into different topics. We have, for example, seen the fantastic Pixar exhibition about how they create their animated films.


delikatesser på Aro
Photo: Rico Feldfoss
Christoffer Schärfe i restauranten, Restaurant Aro
Photo: Rico Feldfoss

Top-notch service and brilliant eatery

An institution for me in Odense is Carlsens Kvarter. This brown pub has been around for over 50 years, and I love the atmosphere. Firstly, they have hundreds of beers to choose from and the bartenders always have ideas for new beers to try. In the last couple of years, it's become more experimental and a bit more modern in style. I also love the fact that all the staff wear uniforms and that they insist on people ordering beer at the tables. It's a neat thing that they provide that extra service.

Storms Pakhus works so well. It's a cosy place between the city and the harbour and a great way to go out to eat with the family - and there's room for everyone. The brilliant thing is that the audience ranges from small children to grandparents who come to enjoy the experience. There's an indoor playground and the outdoor areas often host concerts, football events and stand-up comedy. I love being there and just people watching.

Christoffer Schärfe, Restaurant Aro
Photo: Rico Feldfoss
Christoffer Schärfe med michelin-jakke, Restaurant Aro
Photo: Rico Feldfoss

Wild nature

The river trail and the route from Fruens Bøge all the way to Åsum is absolutely fantastic. People walk, run, cycle and walk their dogs on the trail, and there are so many cosy areas along the way. You can eat an ice cream at Skovsøen, drink a cup of coffee at Velodrom at Fruens Bøge Station, sail with Odense Aafart both to and from Munke Mose, and you can play on the many playgrounds and work out on the outdoor exercise areas that are also located along the river. It's very idyllic, and luckily I cycle on the river path every day to and from work.

We live right next to Odense Zoo and use the garden all year round. We greet animals, read about animals and play in the big playground. There are unique experiences all year round, as well as theme days and weeks, and we're always there for Christmas at the zoo, for Halloween and for light nights in the winter months. We have visited many zoos around the world, but Odense Zoo stands out. It's a beautiful facility and idyllic surroundings, and they really put a lot of effort into the storytelling.

©VisitOdensePhoto:Rico Feldfoss

Classy wine selection and chocolate geekery

Bichel Vine is a chain that has a charming branch in Odense. It's a speciality shop with people who are very knowledgeable about wine, but also have wine suggestions for food. In fact, they have one of the best wine selections in Denmark, and they emphasise wines from small, top producers who have their hands in the must. They also sell cheese, chocolate, olive oil, sardines, anchovies and other luxury specialities, and the shop is well worth a visit.

Mortens Chokolade in Brandts Passage is right up my alley, because he is extremely nerdy and very passionate about what he does. Just like at Restaurant ARO, he also experiments with flavour combinations, and it tastes fantastic. Morten is also a really skilled craftsman, and he's friendly and welcoming when you come into the shop. It's a niche place that's really cosy to visit.

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