Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen

Photo:Rico Feldfoss&Rico Feldfoss
Historic, expanding and charming

Who is Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen

58 years old
Born and raised in London
Moved to Odense in 2002
Lives in Odense M
Married and mother of an adult daughter from a previous relationship

Historic, expanding and charming

That's Odense according to Isa Dawn Whyte Jensen, creative director of lighting company Le Klint and founder of The Love & Light Project. But where are her personal favourite places in the city? Get some inspiration here.

Isa recommends

Diversity and international vibe

Kulturmaskinen welcomes all kinds of people, which is what I like about the place. At the same time, they have a wide range of activities for everyone - from young to old and mums' groups, so
so it's not just limited to a music venue. They also have a café where you can relax, they have creative workshops and there's a real variety in their events. I'll be singing there myself at a jazz concert in the autumn, and they have everything from lectures to stand-up comedy and pride parties on the programme.

The architecture of the new Hans Christian Andersen House is amazing and designed by world-renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. I think it's a brilliant way to bring an international flavour to the city. I also love the museum's way of exhibiting because you as an audience can follow the story of Hans Christian Andersen step by step. Andersen step by step. It's not too heavy, but an easy experience, and again, it's a perfect place for everyone.

Photo: Thomas Mørkeberg
Photo: Rico Feldfoss

Gourmet level open face sandwiches and champagne

Restaurant HOS focuses on smørrebrød with a twist. Even though I'm not Danish, I've eaten traditional Danish smørrebrød before, but it doesn't compare to the food at Restaurant HOS. It's very sophisticated, and people should come and experience how they take smørrebrød to a whole other level of stardom. It's really delicious, and also their wine and desserts are divine.

There is the most beautiful champagne bar in Pogestræde, and Champagniet always has at least 50 different kinds of champagne on ice. The menu also includes tapas, cheese platters and small cold dishes that go well with the champagne. The two owners are very good at explaining the food and the champagne, and they are both sweet and down-to-earth people. It's a great experience to go there and enjoy the atmosphere and the lovely bubbles.

Photo: Restaurant HOS
Photo: Johan Joensen

City of contrasts

I love the area around Fruens Bøge, and especially in spring and summertime, you'll be greeted by so many different birds in and around Skovsøen. I'm a bit naughty because I always start by buying a delicious ice cream in the ice cream parlour and then I go for a walk. It's a beautiful place and I love the fact that it's so natural. Of course, when the trees get old and the branches break, they're picked up, but otherwise the forest is very untouched. And the walk along the path to the zoo is also magical.

I love Odense Harbour, and I love that it has become a whole new part of the city. People play basketball, swim in the harbour baths, take walks by the water and children play by the little fountains next to the harbour baths. There's so much going on in one place, and it's a great place to enjoy life in the sun as the beautiful boats come sailing in. When I came to Odense in 2002, there was no housing or life in the harbour, so it's amazing to see the transformation.

Photo:Rico Feldfoss

Small niche shops

My absolute favourite place to shop is Dr Adams. It's a cool place with designer clothes from all over the world that you can mix and match while you're in the store. The service from the staff in the store is amazing and almost too amazing because it means I spend a lot of money in there. But you can also use it as inspiration for what's hot in the fashion world right now.

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