Inge Fjord - passionate cultural communicator

Photo:Rico Feldfoss&Rico Feldfoss

Who is Inge Fjord?

57 years old
Born and raised in Odense, Denmark
Lived in Australia and Mexico for 4 years
Lives in Odense M
Married and mother of three adult children
Grandmother to two grandchildren

A city in development with great potential

That's Odense according to Inge Fjord, principal of the Royal Theatre Ballet School Odense. But where are her personal favourite places in the city? Get inspiration here.

Experiences with respect for our cultural heritage

The new museum Hans Christian Andersen's House provides a fantastic aesthetic experience of the fairytales and the life and works of Hans Christian Andersen. It appeals to a wide range of ages and there are so many dimensions to the experience, stimulating you on many different levels. It's not a dusty museum, but a high-tech world with lots of respect for the fine cultural heritage. The museum has a remarkable ability to convey the old fairy tales in a contemporary context.

I love coming to Odense Theatre, and we are constantly working hard to connect the theatre with the ballet school where I come from. The theatre is a historic building in our city and actually Denmark's second oldest theatre, dating back to 1796. It has some amazing stories to tell, and they have an all-encompassing repertoire of both Danish and foreign classics, modern Danish and foreign dramas, musical performances and, of course, dance.

Photo:Rico Feldfoss

Aesthetic self-indulgence

Bar Unika serves the finest ingredients and has a knack for creating food that is delicious, colourful and vitamin-rich. And it tastes insanely good. It's both breakfast and lunch and a healthy alternative to eggs and bacon. The colourfulness adds to the experience for someone like me, who eats not only with my palate, but also with my eyes, ears and nose. It's great when you can see that people have put effort into what they serve and that there's an aesthetic layer to it.

D&D Art of Hair is an exclusive gem that gives customers personalised guidance and advice on hair and makeup in a relaxed and stylish way. It's a hair salon with two hair goddesses who have a sense of aesthetics and care for their customers. They can make you look fresh and beautiful in a very short time. After a busy day, it's nice to escape with their head massage in a peaceful universe. And I must also recommend their sensory room, which is something very special.

Inge Fjord på Bar Unika
Photo: Rico Feldfoss
Photo: Rico Feldfoss

Street art and wild animals

Brandts Klædefabrik is a small town within the city, and when you enter the gateway to the passageway, you sense a very special atmosphere. I find the area stimulates all the senses because there are beautiful buildings, interesting people, charming city life and unique speciality shops. I often walk around Brandts Klædefabrik and just observe all the beautiful street art that you only notice if you look up.

Odense Zoo has created a garden that is lovely to be in. I love going to places where there's a story, and they're great at telling gripping stories. Now that I'm a grandmother, I can take my grandchildren to the beautiful surroundings, where there is also respect for the animals, and the children can hear stories about how we can all help to take better care of the animals and create good conditions for them. It's an absolutely beautiful place with high ceilings.

Inge Fjord udendoers

Photo:Rico Feldfoss

Add some sparkle

Tryde Andrés has a great personal service when it comes to styling both fashion and lingerie. They're just good at it, and it's almost become an institution in Odense, as they've been selling lingerie to women since 1934. I also think it's important to shop locally and support locally. And then I'm very much into the personal touch. I like to come into a place where people know each other.

If you're looking for nice clothes for women and interior design, I would definitely recommend Mageløs. They have nice clothes in a different way, and it's not just off-the-rack items. I like a bit of colour and sparkle when I go shopping, and that's what I find here. It's the small niche shops like Mageløs that make the city even more exciting.

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