The restaurant scene in Odense has really evolved over the last 5 years. Reportedly we now have more restaurants per inhabitant than any other Danish city. The selection is varied and offers something for everyone; from traditional Danish to authentic Japanese, large bistros and gourmet restaurants.

Whiteguide lists four restaurants in Odense, but in our opinion several additional restaurants deserve to be mentioned. In addition, we have a "street food" market, vegan & vegetarian restaurants, good budget restaurants and more.

What are you in the mood for?

Traditional Danish cuisine

This is where you can sample the typical Danish cuisine. Pro tip - expect potatoes and pork in some constellation. Click for suggestions


Are you curious and quality conscious? Odense has several experimental as well as classic restaurants at gourmet level to choose from.


Whiteguide Restaurants in Odense

Nordic restaurant guide, Whiteguide has recognized three gourmet restaurants in Odense.

10 restaurants you should try

Odense’s restaurant scene is rapidly evolving, and new restaurants are popping up everywhere.

Warm up with a delicious cup of hot chocolate

Even on a cold day, a visit to Odense is a pleasure - especially for hot chocolate lovers.

Smørrebrød - open face sandwiches

Few things are as traditionally Danish as the open face sandwich.

Vegan Restaurant in Odense

This place serves truly delicious, vegan food - our favorite is probably the Nofish Burger - but you should'nt leave without sampling the cake of the ...

Cafes in the center of the city

Delicious coffee and light dishes, cool drinks in the summer and hot cocoa in the winter - some times a café is just what you need.

Where to go for brunch in Odense?

There are many delicious places to eat brunch in Odense. We have chosen a few for you

A nice cup of coffee

A nice cup of coffee is one of life's great pleasures. Here are our favorites

Street Food Markets in Odense

See what Odense has to offer in this category. We have large food halls with lots of options and smaller, more intimate places with unique menus.

Wine bars, pubs and delicious cocktails

Wine for connoisseurs, well-poured beers and cocktails with fun names - if that's you, read on

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