Green City

Photo: Johan Joensen

The city is filled with gardens and parks, trees flank the major roads and Odense River snakes straight through the center. We believe that all the greenery helps create the good and relaxed atmosphere that characterizes Odense.

“Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
Hans Christian Andersen

Fyn er også kendt som Danmarks have og Odense bliver ofte kaldt Fyns hovedstad. Byen er fuld af haver og parker, træer smykker gaderne og Odense Å slynger sig gennem centrum. De mange grønne områder bidrager til den afslappede atmosfære, der kendetegner Odense. Natur og grønt er godt for øjnene og sjælen.

Vi håber at I i løbet af jeres besøg vil besøge en af parkerne, sejle på Åen eller endda besøge den forhenværende losseplads, Stige Ø, der i dag er et fantastisk rekreativt område med vandre- og mountainbike stier, legepladser og shelters.

Parks and Gardens

Fyn is known as Denmark's garden and Odense is often spoken of as the capital of Fyn. The city is filled with gardens and parks, trees flank the major roads and Odense River snakes its way through the city centre. We believe that all the greenery is a big part of the calm and relaxed feeling that is typical of Odense - green is good for the soul.

During your visit we hope you will enjoy our parks, go sailing on the river and maybe even visit our former dump site, Stige Ø, which is now a flourishing recreational area with hiking and mountainbike trails, playgrounds and shelters.

Munkemose Park

In 1881 the Municipality of Odense bought the grounds around the Munke Mølle (Monks Mill) Factory to prevent it from being built on. This was a low-lying marsh and meadow area, which was used for grazing and mowing. The area was often flooded by the river in the winter and was used for sk...

Klosterhaven - Medicinal Herbs

Right beside the Cathedral an old wrought-iron gate shows you the way to Klosterhaven (Monastery garden). The monastery garden is a fine little geometrically laid out garden, which architect I. P. Sørensen drew in the 1920’s.   It consists of a small atrium garden, Fratergården, with sp...

The Fairy Tale Garden

The garden is situated in the quarter between the city centre and Sankt Knudsgade. It was established by a book club in 1876. This meant that it was closed to the general public. The book club was a library for the wealthy citizens of Odense. Only those with membership cards could enter th...

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Nature spots


The landscape is changing rapidly. Gravel excavation is turning the region into an area of lakes. This is the largest area af gravel excavation in Fyn County. The area has supplied gravel to country for the pasrt century, and looks set to continue doing so for the next 50 years. The Ibjerg...

Fruens Bøge Skov (Woodland)

Fruens Bøge Skov (Beech Wood Forest) is a woodland park by the river. It originally belonged to Christiansdal Manor, but was purchased by Odense Municipality in 1875. Already at the beginning of the 19th century, the local upper middle classes went on outings and picnics in Fruens Bøge ...

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Outdoor fitness

Outdoor Gym Paaskestraede / Aastien

This outdoor gym is primarily intended for adults and teens and you will find no dedicated fitness equipment for children. This does not mean that children can't use it though. The place works really well as a stop on the run along Odense River. If you want more to choose from, we recommen...

Outdoor Gym Munkemose

The gym in Munke Mose has fitness equipment for both children and adults and some are placed together so that you can compete with each other. The gym is a good opportunity for a stop on your running route, where you can do strength, circuit and stretching exercises are possible.

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