Johanne byvært

Johanne's Cultural Favorites in Odense

Photo: Johanne Christensen

My name is Johanne and I am 28 years old. After spending all my holidays in Odense on family visits and as a happy tourist, I chose to move to the city in 2020. I have a master's degree in Art History and Experience Economy, and my passion is Odense's cultural life and eventful urban space

Nedergade om sommeren

Photo:Johan Joensen

Overgade and Nedergade

These streets have recently been reconnected to the rest of the pedestrian street, and at the same time the area still has its very own distinctive character to me. The houses are well preserved from the 17th-18th century, and are filled with skewed houses, half-timbering and whimsical details. Notice how the cobblestones are uneven, difficult to balance on, and give a slower pace all by themselves. Overgade and Nedergade are a place to immerse yourself in an almost bygone era with cozy cafés, second-hand shops and specialty shops. Kramboden is a good example of this, here you can travel back in time and find souvenirs that suit you and your memory of Odense.

Photo:Johan Joensen

Brandts Klædefabrik

Part of the fantastic thing about the experience of Odense, I think, is the experience of the many different time periods. "Brandts" is a well-preserved textile mill from the late 1800s (1869 I think?), which today houses cafes, exhibitions, design shops and more. The area also contains Kulturmaskinen, which pulsates with activity, and in the same building You can visit Tidens Samling, a private museum, which shows Danish design, furnishings and clothing from the 1900s all the way up to the 1990s. At Art Museum Brandts you can definitely find art and culture for the whole family.

When you stand in the middle of the many beautiful urban spaces, remember to look up. Enjoy the architecture with factory windows, bricks and concrete. And if you have a little extra time, I would recommend that you go exploring for the beautiful gable paintings in Brandts Passage and in Farvergården. Especially the pink wings are good for an "Odense selfie".


Photo:Johan Joensen

Timeless nature

If you need time to stand still during a break from the city's diverse cultural life, I can also recommend Hollufgaard. The area is a bit outside the center of Odense, but it is easy to take a bus (no. 22/81) and (soon) the light rail directly out there. Today, the old manor house is filled with various functions, where the gardens contain one of the largest sculpture parks in the Nordic countries. You also have the opportunity to see the artists' workshops and the sculptures that are being made. Feel free to bring a picnic basket and a bicycle out there.

I hope you have a great visit in Odense,