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- a vibrant city in the centre of Denmark

Odense is going through a wild development and the transformation from big city to big town has finally come true. The urban space in the city centre has changed dramatically in just a few years, so if you haven't visited Odense in the last few years, you'll be surprised by all the new things the city has to offer. A whole new car-free city centre, a new Hans Christian Andersen House, a new harbour with view houses, harbour baths, restaurants and sports grounds and a new light rail that has become the backbone of public transport.

Find your way around Odense

Take the light rail
You can take the light rail from Tarup in the north via the city centre to southern Odense, where you'll hit the University of Southern Denmark and the new super hospital before ending up in Hjallese. The price is the same as the city bus and there is free parking at Odense P Syd - right by the light rail stop. You can find out more on the Odense Light Rail website.

Other traffic tips
If you come to Odense by car and need to visit the city centre, there are plenty of parking spaces - the large Odense P is located under the new building and has entrances to the Odeon Concert Hall (P-11) and the new H.C. Andersens Hus (P-15). Andersens Hus (P-15). You can download a map of the underground car park below.


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