Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home
Visit Hans Christian Andersen's home town

What can you experience in Odense

Why pick Odense?

There are many lovely places to choose from in Denmark, så why should you choose Odense? And bring your family, your friends or your partner?

We have the answer - because Odense is a big city with a small city feel, because we have the largest concentration of recognised museums outside the capital area, because we are the greenest city in Denmark, because the summer months are packed with large festivals of all kinds and because we are reinventing the city centre with nice hang-outs, a light rail, a super bike path - and because Odense is the home town of Hans Christian Andersen.

Do you need more persuasion?

Here a 6 further solid reasons for choosing Odense as your next holiday destination.

Hans Christian Andersen's Hometown

Get to know Odense's most famous son, Hans Christian Andersen. This multi-artist impressed his contemporaries with fairy tales, plays, biographies, travel accounts, paper art and much more.

The cozy local vibe

Discover Odense as the locals do, from their favorite eateries and coffee shops, their favorite weekend spots, to what they do when it rains and more....

Vibrant gastro scene

Delicious new restaurants pop up everywhere - reportedly Odense now has more restaurants per inhabitant than Copenhagen. Whether or not this is true, ...

Feel the Presence of History in Odense

Odense is one of Denmark's oldest cities and you can feel the presence of history everywhere. In our museums you can explore the Iron Age, Viking Age,...

The Funen Experience

In the middle of Funen lies Odense, a natural base for a visit to Denmark's green garden. Fun is adventure and beautiful scenery, culture and activiti...

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What are you looking for?

Find inspiration for your visit to Odense.

Free Activities

Odense offers lots of activities - even if your budget is a bit of a challenge. We recommend that you visit our beautiful Gothic Cathedral, visit Brandt's on Thursdays, grab a city bike and go for a ride along the river out to the lake in Fruens Bøge - the possibilities are many.

Family Activities

Small children, older children, grand parents - no problem. Odense has several attractions that can entertain your entire family. Go time travelling, ...

Active Holiday

Odense offers many options if you who would like to be active during your holiday. Among other things, we have many nice bike paths, you can rent a ca...

Dine out in Odense

What will be on your menu during your stay in Odense? Between our street food market and four Whiteguide restaurants maybe your new favorite restauran...

Art and Culture

Odense has a surprisingly large selection for art and culture afficionados. Brandts is the lighthouse with its international exhibitions, but there ar...


Odense is known for its many events and festivals, but we also have a rich cultural life on other fronts. Odense Theater, Odeon Concert Hall, the Fune...

A fun evening out

A fun evening in Odense offers wine bars, beer bars, cocktail bars, delicious food and more. A romantic evening at one of the wine bars, a cozy evenin...

Fun Facts about Odense

Did you know that Odense has more than 540 km. bike path? No? We did'nt think so. And how about the number of playgrounds and the date on the city's b...